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EZ Needlework No Basting System Part 2 (3/8" Hook For Fabric)


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Our fabulous No Basting System for Fabric works in concert with our No Basting System for Scroll Rods eliminating the need for hand stitching or machine sewing the fabric to the webbing on the Scroll Rods. Our unique design allows you to remove and reattach your project in seconds. Already own a set of scroll bars and would like to retrofit them with our No Baste System? No problem, it's simple & easy!

How it works:
There are two separate parts to make the system work; No Baste for Fabric & No Baste for Scroll Rods. Each part has a very sticky back. No Baste for Fabric attaches across each end of your fabric or canvas that you would normally baste on to another medium such as webbing. No Baste for Scroll Rods attaches directly to the scroll rod. Now you can instantly attach your fabric to the scroll rods! 100% guaranteed to never lose its tension.

1 roll = 3 Yards (108" or 9 feet) of 3/8" molded hook tape attaches to fabric like Velcro velcro
Note: The No Basting System for Fabric attaches permanently to the fabric and therefore must be cut off before framing. It is very strong, yet very thin measuring only 3/8" in width.

**Must have both Part 1 & Part 2 for No Basting System**

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