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Hemingworth All Seasons Complete Collection


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The Hemingworth All Seasons Complete Collection includes 4 boxes of 32 spools each. Additionally, four Starbird design packs depicting designs from each season are included. No colors are duplicated across the boxes, so you will receive 128 unique thread colors, as well as many beautiful seasonal designs by Starbird, all in a convenient, sturdy storage box. 

Winter, frosty blues, cool grays, and evergreens provide the colors you need to sew an enchanting winter wonderland.

Spring, the clear soft colors our favorite pastels are the perfect colors to reflect the budding colors of spring.

Summer, gets you ready for the beach with bright sunny yellows, warm tans, and cool blues.

Autumn, features the changing colors of the leaves, with crisp red-oranges and rich, deep browns.

Each Season 32 Spool Set comes in an attractive plastic-coated, white cardboard storage box which has magnetic closure clip. Spools sit in individual cardboard compartments for easy access. The inside cover has a color picture of each thread spool, indicating which space to store the spool. The box is both attractive and convenient for permanent storage.

Hemingworth thread spool comes with the spool, cap and stopper system and contains 1000 meters of 40 wt, polyselect, high-sheen embroidery thread. This amazing thread is 100% colorfast, soft and supple, with superb stitching results. Hemingworth thread is known for its durability and strength as well as its brilliant luster. It is suitable for home and commercial embroidery machines, sewing machines and quilting machines. Hemingworth thread is ideal for digitized embroidery designs and built-in decorative machine stitches.

Includes Downloadable Items

Flower Bunny

(3.49" x 3.65")

Rain Ducky

(3.25" x 3.48")

Spring In Bloom

(3.79" x 3.70")

Bunny Basket

(3.50" x 3.78")

Love Spring Bird

(3.56" x 2.94")

Peace Love Spring

(3.52" x 3.39")

Spring Bee

(3.50" x 3.33")

Spring Chick

(3.52" x 3.48")

Spring Ladybug

(3.39" x 3.52")

Spring Lamb

(3.50" x 3.22")

Spring Nest

(3.90" x 3.74")

Welcome Spring

(3.94" x 3.81")

Jacobean Bumble Bee

(3.02" x 3.02")

Jacobean Butterfly

(3.01" x 3.02")

Jacobean Hummingbird

(3.02" x 3.01")

Jacobean Ice Cream

(3.02" x 3.01")

Jacobean Ladybug

(3.02" x 3.00")

Jacobean Palm Tree

(3.02" x 3.02")

Jacobean Sailboat

(3.01" x 3.02")

Jacobean Seashell

(3.02" x 3.00")

Jacobean Sea Turtle

(3.00" x 3.01")

Jacobean Starfish

(3.02" x 3.02")

Jacobean Sun

(3.00" x 3.01")

Jacobean Watermelon

(3.03" x 3.03")

Autumn Leaves 1

(4.15" x 3.01")

Autumn Leaves 2

(3.78" x 3.33")

Autumn Leaves 3

(3.52" x 2.13")

Autumn Leaves 4

(3.28" x 3.59")

Autumn Leaves 5

(4.26" x 4.39")

Autumn Leaves 6

(4.42" x 3.57")

Autumn Leaves 7

(4.99" x 2.81")

Autumn Leaves 8

(4.15" x 3.27")

Autumn Leaves Corner

(3.52" x 3.53")

Autumn Leaves Large

(6.00" x 1.81")

Autumn Leaves Single

(2.03" x 2.02")

Autumn Leaves Small

(4.01" x 1.47")

Bear Paws Accent

(2.01" x 2.29")

Bear Scene Small

(5.28" x 2.74")

Bear Scene Large

(11.34" x 2.67")

Fish Accent

(1.58" x 1.62")

Igloo Accent

(3.13" x 1.76")

Moose Scene Large

(11.20" x 2.50")

Moose Scene Small

(4.97" x 2.61")

Penguin Scene Small

(4.98" x 2.62")

Penguin Scene Large

(11.35" x 2.76")

Pine Cone Accent

(2.48" x 2.59")

Pine Trees Accent

(2.84" x 2.39")

Snowflakes 1 Accent

(2.00" x 2.49")

Snowflakes 2 Accent

(1.76" x 2.59")

Snowmen Scene Small

(5.01" x 2.62")

Snowmen Scene Large

(13.58" x 3.27")

Snowman Top Hat Accent

(1.64" x 2.56")

Kathy M.

Heather, Is it possible to buy the 4 seasons thread package over time?

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Heather B.

Hi, Kathy. Thanks for the question. Yes, that is possible. The easiest way would be to buy each season separately as you have the funds. The sets are each available for individual purchase here:


I hope this helps.


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Amy M.

Does this brand of thread work well with a Babyloc machine?

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Heather B.

Hi, Amy. Thanks for the question. Hemingworth is recommended for use with any embroidery machine, so yes, it would be absolutely recommended for use with a Babylock machine. I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.


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