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2023 Holiday Wishes


Santa with bag saying, "Holiday Wishes Sale, Make a wish we'll see what we can do".

Four years ago we tried something different and our customers LOVE IT. So, we’ll continue in this new tradition. Instead of a Black Friday Sale, Embroidery.com is having a personalized sale.

Holiday Wishes” is a surprise sale where we have hand-picked items on your wish list to discount. There is no Black-Friday rush*. Take your time over the next two weeks to populate your wishlist and "our elves" we will be checking it daily for new items that they can discount for you.  Click Here to see your personalized deals.


Tips, Answered Questions, and Fine Print explained by our Wish Expert

The Simple Answer: 1) Add Items to your Wishlist, 2) We'll try to put them on sale and email you back.  You can call us at (800) 428-7606 for assistance. 


Genie wearing a Santa outfit appearing next to a lamp

You're not required to rub a magic lamp, but you must:

  1.  Have the item on your wishlist for at least a day. So don’t drop it from your wishlist before making your purchase or you’ll have to wait another day to get the special deal.
  2. Take your time but HURRY!  The sale lasts until December 11th so you have time, EXCEPT deals are based on availability and USPS, UPS, FedEx and Santa’s sleigh are at capacity.  So unless you are okay with receiving your package in 2024, earlier is better.

And now, I’ll answer those questions:

What’s the catch?  
No catch. Uh.  Well, no catch but you have to follow these steps and there are some limitations.
First, make sure you are logged when you are adding items to your wishlist.  How else will we match you up to Santa’s naughty or nice list? 
Second, not everything you add will be discounted.  This is up to elf accountants who crunch the numbers and roll the dice.
Third, discounts are only valid while supplies last.  Sorry, no rain checks unless you are able to check-out and THEN we discover the shelf is empty.  Not good, but it happens. 

Fourth, you must be at your personalized Holiday Wishes Page or use the "Special Add to Cart" button when you add items to your cart to receive the discount. Make sure you see the discounts when you checkout. 

Fifth, qualifying orders (over $50) receive free shipping within the United States only. Our apologies to our neighbors to the North.  Maybe Santa can offer curbside pickup at the North Pole.  I’ll talk to him about this.

Can I get a better deal by removing an item from my Wishlist and trying again?
Nice try, but no.  You can, however,  be confident you are getting the best deal and no one will receive a better deal than you.  Once the discount is decided it is the same for all participants.  That is, while supplies last of course -- so, theoretically someone could get a better deal than you if you snooze.  And finally, In the unlikely event that you purchase an item and then elves discount that item further, the discount will apply retroactively to all participants and you’ll receive a nice credit toward a  future purchase.

Can I wish for more wishes?
I get this question a lot.  But in this case, well, um,  technically yes.  Provided that you use them before December 11th.  After your initial order, you can always add more items to your wishlist, come back the next day to see what magical deals are waiting for you.

* Regarding "No Black Friday Rush," see explanation  under item 2) Take your time but HURRY!



Cheryl B.

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