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Density Repair Kit
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Density Repair Kit


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Like Doppler weather RADAR, Density Repair Kit will show the density of a design.
The design on the left is SIX layers thick in the red areas. On the right, one click later, the design is ready to sew!

Density Repair Kit

Welcome to The Density Repair Kit (DRK), the most sophisticated density adjustment, analysis and repair tool available for the embroiderer! DRK does the following: • Removes hidden stitches from within a design so that it will sew thinner, cleaner, and with less thread (and needle) breakage. • De-Clumps design areas. These are areas that are over-sewn repeatedly with the same color. • Filters small stitches from your designs that would otherwise create thread build-ups and jam the machine. • Reduce the density in designs that were shrunk to fit a hoop. • Increase the density of designs for better coverage. • View the density of designs to see how they’ll sew before expending time and thread on a trial. • Limits the density of your designs based on the fabric and thread that you are using. • Informs you of how best to embroider the project or fabric that you are working on. It recommends stabilization, hooping technique, needle type and size, and thread weight to help your project succeed. • Saves you time and money. Reduced stitch counts save enormous amounts of time and thread usage. Proper density adjustments allow projects to complete successfully. With DRK, project time and thread savings of 15%-30% are common! Density Repair Kit is so unique it has four patents!

Why The Density Repair Kit?

Have you ever had a design come out bad? Of course, we all have. That’s why DRK was created. DRK cleans up embroidery designs that are too dense or poorly digitized for your project. How? Like its name implies, DRK has a set of tools to adjust the density of embroidery designs. These tools help you embroider with greater ease. You can alter the density of any design, and make that design work on virtually any project or fabric type. It does this by asking you what you are going to be sewing on, and then it analyzes the density of your embroidery design and adjusts it. Now, you’re probably wondering if it takes an embroidery instructor camped out a week at your house to get you up and running. No, it doesn’t. You can have the program do everything automatically or you can control it manually. Running DRK is easy.

A Side Effect of DRK

By reducing the number of stitches that are in a design, DRK saves you an incredible amount of time. Even with today’s fast-stitching machines, 10,000 stitches is still around ten minutes. The thread savings, the number of bobbins saved, and the frustration of failed embroidery all add up! Imagine tackling a project and knowing that it will sew okay before you even start!  
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Donald M.

Does this play well with PEP? Even it won't do all designs!

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Kirsten S.

I think you mean Personal Embroidery Professional software. I'm curious when you say that PEP won't do all designs. Is there a theme or similarity between the designs that it won't do?

DRK was not designed to need PEP to run, or anything like that. It's a stand-alone program. Density Repair Kit can take a design (reads most embroidery formats), and clean it up to run more smoothly. Then you save the new design in the format you'd like to use (writes most embroidery formats I've ever needed, except ART), for use in your machine.

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