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Agnes Claudia Dutcher Kistler, who goes by the name of Claudia Dutcher, is the fourth in a family line of Livermore business owners. As a child, Claudia was always "the kid" who was making something or other ­ sewing Barbie doll clothes, sketching, crocheting, oil painting, playing piano. These are all talents handed down and encouraged by Claudia's idol, her grandmother -- a woman whose zest for living stayed with her until age 92. After school hours at Granny's were filled with projects and, with Granny, learning anything became fun. Not only was she an expert needleworker, but also a talented sketch artist and poet. To engage in handiwork activities remains to this day Claudia's "reward" for completing mandatory tasks that she is less enthusiastic about. At the end of each day she spends some time stitching and this never fails to give her a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.