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EZ Stitch Scroll Frames Now From Embroidery.com

What are the EZ Stitch Scroll Frames?

They are a scroll frame system for Needlework. Whether your passion is cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel, embroidery, or quilting these versatile needlework scroll frames are for you. It provides an attractive quality frame while your piece is in progress.

Benefits of using a Scroll Frame

They feature the EZ Stitch tape which comes in two parts. The first part, the loop, is already attached to the scroll rods. However, you can purchase it on its own as well.  The second part, the hook, you will attach it to the top and bottom of your fabric.  This gives you nice even tension throughout your fabric.

Other benefits are that you are not touching your fabric. You are holding the scroll frame as you stitch. So now no more dirty, stained or wrinkled fabric. This will also eliminate the problem of hoop burn. The EZ Stitch - Scroll Frame becomes a nice foundation for your fabric.

One of the best things about the EZ Stitch Products is that everything is interchangeable. Scroll Rods are available from 6 inches to 48 inches and Side Bars 6 inches to 15. So, no matter the size of your project there is a Scroll Rod for it.


How to put the tape on the fabric.

To ensure I have even tension top and bottom I fray the edge of the fabric till I get a straight line.

Then I place the tape a few fabric threads above that straight line. Now this tape is very sticky on the back so be careful as you place it as it is not removable.

You then simply place your fabric on the rods and scroll it up.

Once you have your fabric on the scroll frame, push on it in the center of the fabric. This will wrap the fabric around the rods more and then you can scroll it up giving you even tighter tension. Now your fabric has even tension through out.

I like to put the tape on the front of my fabric. When I scroll it up on my frame the front side of my project will be protected. If anything gets dirty it will be the back side. See our quilted products for added protection.

If you are like me, you love to stitch on hand dyed linen. Now, you can not wash hand dyed linen as it would bleed. So using the EZ Stitch Scroll Frame is perfect in ensuring that my beautiful fabric won't get dirty.

Now that you have your fabric on the rods, depending on the size, you can either stitch with it in your hand or add the legs for the Lap Stand.

The EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Lap / Table Stand is by far my favorite stitching tool!! The Lap / Table Stand is very versatile and you can make it work for how you like to stitch.  For stitching at a table, put the legs at the back of the side rods. This will make the whole frame come toward you. You won't have to lean over the table to stitch.  This makes it much more comfortable to stitch at a table.

For stitching on a couch, I put the legs in the middle of the side rod. Then I have them in the 3 hole down from top of the legs. Where you place this will depend on your couch. It depends on how firm or fluffy your couch is. It is a trial an error till you find your comfort zone.

Donnett's Lap Stand Set Up

I use the Scroll Rod Covers to protect my fabric. I use The Hammer Head LED Light, to light up my stitching. Also, I use it as the clip for my working copy of my pattern. On the elastic of the Scroll Rod Covers, I attach a Retractable Scissor Keeper, so my scissors are easy at hand. I also attach a marker next to my pattern so I can mark off what I have stitched.

Quilted Accessory Products

Quilted Scroll Rod Covers protect your needlework from dirt, stains. It simply slides over the top and bottom of your scroll rods, plus, it gives you a place to hang your scissors and marker.

Quilted Scroll Frame Envelopes
 are perfect to keep your stitching nice and clean when you are not working on it. With the quilted fabric and Velcro tabs, they are designed to fit all sizes of scroll frames. Each has a nice sizable pocket on the back to store your pattern and whatever supplies you need.

The Quilted Scroll Rod Keeper is the perfect place to keep your extra EZ Stitch Rods, Side Bars and Knobs when not in use.  It can store rods from 6" to 24”. It has Velcro placed at the bottom, middle and top that helps secure the rods in place during storage. There is canvas at the top and bottom to reinforce the fabric so the screws will not damage the keeper. Also along the bottom are 6 pockets that can easily fit your collection of Scroll Rods or Side Bars.

Not only can you get extra Wooden Knobswhich are available in a 4 pack, 
but we do have some Fancy Metal Knobs available in 2 packs.

There will be a transition period while we get everything manufactured and in stock.  The EZ Stitch  Tape for the fabric is already on order. It should be here before the end of next October. We also have plenty of inventory of the EZ Stitch Lap / Table Stand, which has a nice size roll of EZ Stitch - Fabric Tape included. So you could start your projects right away.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks video. To see more like it, make sure to turn on the notifications as that's how you will know that a new video is up.

As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions for new videos and new content, so leave those for me below.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching -- Donnett

Jan C.

You demonstrated pulling the frame closer to you for stitching on a table, by attaching the frame to the legs nearer to the top of the frame. My frame only has the holes in the middle of the side bar. Do only certain sizes come with the additional holes? Thank you.

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Donnett H.

The 6”, 8” and 10” Side Bars have 3 holes in them top,middle and bottom. You could put the scroll rods in the middle and bottom hole and attach it to the Legs in the top hole and make a table top stand. However depending on which size of Side Bars you have it could make your stitching area pretty small. The 12” & 16” Side Bars have holes every 2 inches which make it easier to adjust the scroll frame for table top use and still have a pretty large stitching area. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Patricia C.

I purchased an American Dream scroll frame set from EBay. Mine have the screws but the knobs do they fit these too. I like the idea of the knobs. I haven’t used mine but now I know how to attach the fabric to the rod with the tape I will. Didn’t have any instructions but then I remembered YouTube and found your video and then watched the video on Embroidery.com. I love how these work. I got mine with free shipping is why I used EBay. I will be purchasing from Embroidery.com. I don’t think I saw any on EBay. Does the scroll frame work good with linen like Belfast. Can’t wait to start using mine. I also have a Lowery stand I’m going to try mine with.Thanks. Pat

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Donnett H.

Oh I'm so glad you are loving your scroll frame. Yes all of our EZ Stitch Scroll Frames can work with all cross-stitch fabric including Belfast Linen. If your scroll frame is an American Dream Scroll frame the knobs that we carry should work with it. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy Stitching!!

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Melissa S.

Any word on the graph holder development. I would really like to purchase one to add to my floor stand frame.

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Donnett H.

The Graph Holder is still in the manufacturing process. I will let you know as soon as it is available. Thanks for asking.

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Melissa S.

That would be wonderful! I’d like 2 when they become available. :

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