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Alignment - split monogram

Can you stitch a 5" monogram letter in a 4" hoop? With software and alignment tools, you certainly can! This FAQ shows, with video and text, how to go about it using the Perfect Alignment Laser to perfectly align your target sheets and hooping.

1.  Determine a good spot for your split. 

2.  With software, split your design into pieces, and print placement templates for each piece.  Make sure to add alignment stitches for each piece.

3. Stitch the first part of your design, including the placement mark.

4. Hoop sticky stabilizer, score the top and expose the tacky surface.

5. Stitch the alignment mark for your second piece on the stabilizer.

6. Now you have two lines you can align (from step 3 and step 5).

7. Place your hoop under the Perfect Alignment Laser, and align the placement mark that you've just stitched with the laser.  The vertical line matches up with your 0 mark on the hoop, and the horizontal line matches up with the stitched placement mark.

8. Position the previously stitched design over the sticky hoop, aligning its placement mark with the laser in the same way as in step 7.

9. Complete the stitching -- it aligns perfectly in your 4" hoop!


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