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How Can I Split a Large Design using Enthusiast?

With Embrilliance Enthusiast you can split large designs into multiple pieces and add alignment marks to help you re-align them at the embroidery machine. This enables you to stitch really big designs with even a small hoop. This FAQ shows, with video, text, and linked blog posts (below the steps), how to do that.

  1. Open design
  2. View hoop (preferences menu)
  3.  Zoom in
  4. Choose stitch editing tool (looks like a dot on a line with a mouse pointer)
  5. Choose "freely select", aka the lasso tool.
  6. 6. Click and hold the mouse button while dragging around the area you want to select.
  7. Click the “split stitches into new design” button (looks like two facing horseshoes)
  8. Click "select" mode (the ordinary mouse pointer icon)
  9. Go library and select "alignments" Choose the alignment mark(s) that you want.
  10. The alignment design will be added.  
  11. Move it to position so that it is within both of the new areas you have created (they overlap). You can also re-size the alignment, if you wish.
  12. In the object pane, click the first design, hold the control (command for Mac) key, and click the alignment.
  13. Copy  (button looks like two papers)
  14. New design (button looks like a paper with a star)
  15. Paste (button looks like a clipboard with a small paper)
  16. Center (button looks like a circle with four arrows pointing at it)
  17. On the part that you will stitch first, make sure the alignment stitches last.
  18. Save your file.  Name it so you can tell it’s the first one to stitch.
  19.  Going back to your original design, in the object pane, now click your second split section. Again, hold the control key, and click the alignment piece. This selects both of them.
  20. Copy - New design
  21.  paste
  22. Center
  23.  Make the alignment stitch first. (right click on it in the object pane, choose "Move first")
  24. Save your file.  Name it so you can tell it’s the first one to stitch.

Now at the machine, you get to line the two pieces up. You will first stitch the first one, including the alignment at the end, then you will un-hoop (unless you have a multi-position hoop), and align the second to stitch so that its alignment exactly matches the first.  By stitching the alignment first, you will be able to quickly see whether you have it in place or not.

Lisa’s blog post will help you with that.

You may also find this blog post helpful.

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