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Life Sayings Thread Set with Design Pack



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Create amazing life sayings with this incredible design pack. This pack features 10 unique designs including... “The word listen contains the same letters as silent,” “We only grow when we step outside our comfort zone,” and “Live each day as if it were your last, but learn from each day as if you will live forever.”

Includes Downloadable Items

Silent Saying

(4.26" x 4.32")

Comfort Zone Saying

(3.45" x 3.89")

Reason Saying

(5.07" x 3.87")

Forever Saying

(5.73" x 3.91")

World Saying

(5.90" x 3.89")

Breath Saying

(6.15" x 3.50")

Trust Saying

(5.21" x 3.81")

Wainting Saying

(5.28" x 2.74")

Cloud Saying

(4.52" x 3.50")

Playing Saying

(5.33" x 4.14")

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