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Marjolein Gulinski Cross Stitch Designs

I never studied art at school, so I guess you could call me a ‘Self Taught' artist. I have been drawing fantasy art now for about 7 years, and this has been a favorite pastime of mine while I was growing up. In the beginning I traced pictures to really get my head around this type of art. I would copy pictures very precisely so as to learn about the colors and how to mix them so that they would be the same as the picture I was copying. I found that in doing this I learnt the most about mixing colors and really got to know my paints this way. After tracing for a while, I began to create my own pictures, and realized just how difficult it really is. The traced pictures looked a lot better than my own creations. I went from copying perfection to starting anew! I thought many times that nothing would ever come of my own drawings! To bridge the gap of tracing to total original work, I cut out pictures of models in magazines and copied their faces or poses, and then added my own fairy elements slowly developed my fairy elements and colour techniques.