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How to attach EZ Stitch Tape to Fabric

One of the best thing about the EZ Stitch Scroll Frames is the tape.  The EZ Stitch Tape is has a unique design which allows you to remove and reattach your project in seconds.

The EZ Stitch Scroll Rods already come with tape applied to them.


Then the Tape for Fabric will be placed across each end of your fabric. .


How to attach EZ Stitch Tape to Fabric:

The Tape has a very sticky back and is not re-useable. So each new project gets new Tape for Fabric.

You will attach the EZ Stitch Tape to the top and bottom of your fabric. To ensure I have even tension top and bottom, I fray the edge of the fabric until I get a straight line.

Cut the Tape the same width as your fabric. 

Then I place the fabric tape a few fabric threads above that straight line. This tape is very sticky on the back so be careful as you place it as it is not removable.

Then place the fabric on the Scroll Rods and scroll it up. Your fabric now has even tension through out. Best of all, it is kept clean and wrinkle free.

Once you have the fabric scrolled up on the rods and to tighten the tension of your fabric push down the middle of the fabric. This will cinch it up on the rods making it wrap tighter around them. Do this until you have the tension that you like.

Then once you have completed the project, you will simply cut the Tape off your fabric.

See our EZ Quilted Accessories for added protection. 

Quilted Scroll Rod Covers. Protect your needlework from dirt, stains, the natural oils in your hands (and of course, chocolate!) by sliding over each side of your scroll rods.


Quilted Scroll Frame Envelopes are perfect to keep your stitching nice and clean when you are not working on it. With the quilted fabric and Velcro tabs they are designed to fit all sizes of scroll frames. Each has a nice sizable pocket on the back to store your pattern and whatever supplies you need.


Whether you are just starting out, or have been stitching for decades, The EZ Stitch Scroll Frames come in a variety of sizes to fit your stitching needs.

For past EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Videos, Sit N Stitch Videos and Tips & Techniques check out my (Donnett's) Needlework Blog. Also, make sure to turn on the notifications as that's how you will know that new videos are up.

As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions for new videos and new content, you can send them to me at [email protected].

Enjoy & Happy Stitching -- Donnett







Lauren R.

I need help. I’ve watched your videos on how to attach fabric, how to attach scroll rods to handles, but I can’t find any videos on how to use the system. How to you get to the whole pattern. I’m going to put pattern on fabric, attach to rods and handles then I’ll embroider the piece. But how do I get to the whole pattern. Once attached there’s only a portion showing and from videos I’ve watched its attached in middle of pattern. how do I get to all of it. I’m just confused. I’d appreciate any help. I can’t find any videos or instructions anywhere. Thanks.

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Donnett H.

Can I get a bit more info? Are you doing basic embroidery or cross stitch?

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Gaea S.

can i use herringbone tape and twine as i have seen on you tube? Are the rods strong enough to hold that kind of tension? Thank you.

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Donnett H.

I am not exactly sure what you are asking. We have Scroll Rods that have webbing on them if you don't want to use the Tape version. You can either hand sew or machine sew your project fabric to the webbing then assemble your scroll frame and rotate the rods to pull the fabric taut for stitching.

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Rebecca M.

Does the basting tape leave a sticky residue when removed?

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Donnett H.

YES it would if you tried to reuse it but is not supposed to be reusable. You just cut off the tape that is on the fabric before you take it to the framer.

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