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Bee Attitudes Thread Set with Design Pack



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This design pack provides a wide variety of options for creating beautiful, inspirational gifts for your family friends, or home. This set includes a total of 23 designs, including 6 different bee designs. It also includes the inspirational sayings of Bee Humble, Bee Grateful, Bee Smart, Bee Involved, Bee Clean, Bee Positive, Bee True, Bee Playful and Bee Still.

We have paired this design pack with a Hemingworth Six Spool Thread Set including Ginger Root, Old Gold, Honey Butter, Auburn, Indian Paintbrush and Loganberry threads.

Includes Downloadable Items

Bee True Prayerful Still

(3.69" x 3.35")

Bee Group One 5x7 Hoop

(3.51" x 6.91")

Bee Single

(0.79" x 0.80")

Bee Single Square

(3.91" x 3.91")

Bee Double

(1.66" x 1.29")

Bee Double Square

(3.91" x 3.91")

Bee Triple

(2.67" x 1.35")

Bee Triple Square

(3.91" x 3.91")

Bee Humble (Word 1)

(2.79" x 1.01")

Bee Grateful (Word 2)

(3.51" x 1.01")

Bee Smart (Word 3)

(2.53" x 1.00")

Bee Involved (Word 4)

(3.11" x 1.00")

Bee Clean (Word 5)

(2.33" x 0.99")

Bee Positive (Word 6)

(2.84" x 0.99")

Bee True (Word 7)

(2.26" x 1.00")

Bee Prayerful (Word 8)

(3.69" x 0.97")

Bee Still (Word 9)

(2.41" x 1.00")

Sonya G.

I am new to this site and I'm really excited about all the designs and ideas everyone has.

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Heather B.

Good to hear. Thanks for the feedback, Sonya.


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Ann G.

Would love to embroidery this set

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