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Brother® Innovis NQ1600E

Brother® Innovis NQ1600E sewing machine.
Machine Info. from Brother®
Sewing Area: 152.4mm (6.00") x 254mm (10.00")
Needle Type:
Bobbin Type: Style A or Type 15
Read Formats: PESPES 
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JoAnn V.

What reason my new machine will not accept the 6×10 hoop, no matter what I try, even trying a smaller design say 5×7

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Kirsten S.

Hi JoAnn, I have a few follow-up questions as I try to help you with your hoop issue.
Is the hoop with which you are experiencing the error the original 6x10 included with the machine, or one that was later purchased? If the latter, is it a Brother hoop, or a compatible hoop from another company? Additionally, would you please tell me the wording of the error message you get when you attach the 6x10 hoop?

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