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Bernina® 8 Series 830 (830E)

Bernina® 8 Series 830 (830E) sewing machine.
Machine Info. from Bernina®
Sewing Area: 260mm (10.24") x 400mm (15.75")
Needle Type: Flat Shank Domestic
Bobbin Type: Unique
Read Formats: EXPEXP 
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Jacqueline M.

I have this Bernina and the Monster hoop and they have worked nicely together in the past. When using together today, although I have selected Jumbo Hoop, my machine stops and will not stitch outside of the imaginery Jumbo hoop area. Did I forget to do something? Please help me!

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Jeanne E.

Hi Jacqueline,

We sell the Snap Hoops, but we don't do any troubleshooting. I'd recommend that you contact the manufacturer, which is DIME. Since they do all of the troubleshooting. They can be reached at 888-739-0555 or [email protected].

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