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EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Frame Envelopes

So our story of how we created our EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Envelopes is pretty funny. I had been wanting something to cover my Scroll Frame as my cute little kitty would knock it over to lay right on my stitching. It seamed no matter where I placed it, she somehow figured out how to lay on it. Now I know cat and dog hair is a specially fiber but enough was enough.

I had seen some of my customer who were storing their Scroll Frames in pillow case, I though we could do better. So when talking with our seamstress I said I needed something like a envelope to go over the frame itself. So the creation of our EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Envelopes.

I get the first prototype take it home and put it on my current WIP and leave for work. When I arrive home not only has she knocked it over but she threw-up on it. (I'm thinking she was mad hahahaha) Luckily the Envelope did its job and nothing got on my stitching.

Our EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Envelopes are the perfect way to keep your stitching nice and clean when you are not working on your project.


EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Envelopes are available from 12” up to 36”. there are two Velcro points on the front of the envelope so it can be adjusted to accommodate 6”, 8" and 10” Side Bars.  As you can see in this picture I have the 12" Side Bars on my Scroll Frame and they enxend beyond the envelope, which works great.  


Along the back of the Envelope is a nice size pocket where you can store your pattern or even a small floss box. 


As you can see in my example here not only can I store my larger Scroll Frame but I can add a second smaller framer and the EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Envelopes can accomdate both.  


All of our EZ Stitch Quilted Accessories are made with 100% cotton in assorted colorful fun prints and colors and machine-washable and dried. And they coordinate with our Needle Books, JellyRolls, Hanging Pocket, Envelopes and our EZ Stitch Scroll Rod Keeper.

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I start off with Tip or Techniques and answer any questions that were submitted during the week. Then the star of the show is what our amazing customers have been up to during the week. We show off all of the WIP's and Finishes that have been posted in our Facebook Group. So make sure you share your Works in Progress and finished projects so we can celebrate your stitching.

For Past EZ Stitch Video Demos and so much more check out my (Donnett's) Needlework Blog. Make sure your notifications are turned on as that’s how you will know when a new video is up.

As always, I love to hear your comments & suggestions so please feel free to send them to me at [email protected]


Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett

Patricia S.

Will these scroll frame envelopes also accommodate Needle Needs Millennium Frames too?

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Donnett H.

All of our quilted products are designed to work with our EZ Stitch Scroll Frames. However as long as you worked within the dimensions of the envelope I bet it would work with other brands if scroll frames.

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