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EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Rod Covers

EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Rod Covers

If you have watched any of my other EZ Stitch Videos you know that I recommend placing the EZ Stitch Tape for Fabric on the front of the fabric. I do this so when I scroll it up the front is protected. After all the front is what we are all going to be looking at for year to come and we want it to be as clean and fuzz free as possible.

How to get really tight tension when using the EZ Stitch Scroll Frames

I like super tight tension and with the EZ Stitch Scroll Frames you can have whatever tension you like. Once you have the fabric scrolled up on the rods tighten all 4 knobs. Then push down the middle of the fabric, This will cinch up the fabric on each of the Scroll Rods, making it wrap tighter around them.


Scroll the fabric back up around each rod tighten the knobs down and push down in the middle again. Do this until you have the tension that you like.

So by scrolling the fabric this way if anything gets dirty or has some wear on it, it will be the backside of the fabric. Now how do we keep the back clean? That is where our EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Rod Covers are used.


EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Rod Covers are perfect to protect your needlework from dirt, stains and wear. Simply slide the elastic over the top and bottom of your scroll rods. Each Cover has a nice stretchable and durable elastic so you can slide each end over the side bar and the knob. A relatively new feature we have add is a tension toggle. We want your Scroll Rod Cover to be as secure as possible when wrapped around your scroll frame. So this tension toggle helps if you need a tighter or looser tension.


This feature is great for when your Scroll Rods are longer then your fabric. You want the Scroll Rod Covers to cover the width of your fabric. So if your fabric is 16” but you have it on 20” Scroll Rods you could use 18” or even 20” Scroll Rod Covers. By adjusting the tension of the elastic with the toggle and making sure the width of the fabric is covered you have lots of size options to choose from.

EZ Stitch Quilted Scroll Rod Covers are 3" Wide and are available in sizes from 6” up to 36”. Larger sizes are available upon request.

One of my favorite features of our Scroll Rod Covers how I can set up my Scroll Frame. I use a Retractable Scissor Keeper by sliding that on to the elastic and attaching my scissors they are now always at hand and I never lose them in the couch cushions.


I also clip my highlighter to the elastic as well. I like to make a working copy of my pattern so I don't ruin the original. Then as I stitch I will mark off what I have completed. With my highlighter attached to the elastic of the Scroll Rod Covers it is always at hand as well.


Now where to place my pattern? I will take my copy of the pattern and usually fold it up to the area that I am stitching. And either use a hair clip to clip it right to my scroll frame. Or most often I use my NuFlex LED Light to hold it in place. This not only holds my pattern where I want it but I can also place the light right where I need it over my stitching.


All of our EZ Stitch Quilted Accessories are made with 100% cotton in assorted colorful fun prints and colors and machine-washable and dried. And they coordinate with our Needle Books, JellyRolls, Hanging Pocket, Envelopes and our EZ Stitch Scroll Rod Keeper.

Our excursive line of EZ Stitch Quilted Accessories are created to be a companion to the EZ Stitch Scroll Frames. See the dimensions to see if they will work with any other type of scroll frames system.

We would love for you to join our EZ Stitch Scroll Frames Facebook Group and share your EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Set up. You can also become a member of our Cross-Stitch + Hand Embroidery Group on Facebook and post your WIP'S and finished projects.

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I start off with Tip or Techniques and answer any questions that were submitted during the week. Then the star of the show is what our amazing customers have been up to during the week. We show off all of the WIP's and Finishes that have been posted in our Facebook Group. So make sure you share your Works in Progress and finished projects so we can celebrate your stitching.

For Past EZ Stitch Video Demos and so much more check out my (Donnett's) Needlework Blog. Make sure your notifications are turned on as that’s how you will know when a new video is up.

As always, I love to hear your comments & suggestions so please feel free to send them to me at [email protected].


Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett

Anne J.

I really don't like the toggle. They get in the way of stitching. Is there a way to order the covers with the elastic done the old way, without the toggles?

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Leah W.

Hi Anne,

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not currently carry quilted scroll rod covers without toggles. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions, and have a great day.

Leah W.
Customer Service
[email protected]

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Alice T.

What are the pattern options for 20" rod covers and are they adjustable?

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Jeanne E.

Hi Alice,

Thanks for checking! The rod covers aren't adjustable, so that's why there's so many different sizes. But here's a picture of the 3 fabric options that we have for the 20" rod covers. If you do want one of them please let me know either here or by email at [email protected], so that we can get you the fabric you prefer.

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Darlene C.

Do you quilted scroll bar covers that have a sampler theme? I would probably need a 28” pair.

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Jeanne E.

Hi Darlene,

Thanks for checking! Here's a picture of the fabric options, for the 28" Rod Covers that we have available. If you are interested in any of the fabric options for the other EZ Stitch Accessories, then please let us know!

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