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How does the Hoop Mat Work?

All about the Hoop Mat

The hoop mat is a Silicone mat with a soft, smooth texture -- great for keeping hoops in place. The hoop mat works with magnetic hoops, tubular hoops, sticky hoops, multi-needle hoops -- any flat hoop!
  • Ashley's tip: Keep your hoop mat under your cutting mat, to keep your cutting mat in place, too!
  • Bold printed grid helps you get things aligned properly.
  • Rolls up, can be folded, and does not crease.
  • Beware, this is not a cutting mat, or a pressing mat!
  • Works perfectly with Perfect Alignment Laser (PAL).

Using Different Hoops with Hoop Mat and PAL Together

With a standard tubular hoop, Open the outer ring and place it on the hoop mat. Align your fabric (using a template) over the centered outer ring.

Stitching "topless" (hoopless) works well, too. With the sticky hoop, align the centering rulers with the hoop mat rulers and the laser rulers. Again, align your fabric with the target template over the sticky stabilizer, using the laser to show you where the lines go.

Eileen's tip:
Put rules on the bottom of your magnetic hoop as well as on the top. Align the bottom hoop on the hoop mat, which will hold it for your. Align the fabric over that, using the laser and target paper. Then feel for the edge of the bottom hoop through the fabric, and using the top hoop as if hinged, drop it into place.

For a multi-needle hoop, leave the inner and outer ring together to align the notched marks with PAL and hoop mat. Then remove the top part out, once it's all aligned. Place the fabric over top, align with the template, and then hoop. The hoop mat will hold your base hoop for you.

In this excerpt from a live video, Sue explains why the Hoop Mat is in every one of her videos, and Eileen demonstrates.

Sue likes the hoop mat for holding all types of hoops during hooping.  

Sue likes the hoop mat for holding the hoop while trimming applique.

I like it for its compact storage, too!  I've never had a hoop hoop holder that I could roll up, before!






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