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DIY Embossed Lettering

Eileen Roche demonstrates creating embossed lettering on a towel using true type fonts and Perfect Embroidery Pro software.

Embossing works well on cuddle fabric and other napped fabrics such as terry cloth towels; longer fibers such as some faux furs, can be less amenable to the process, though.

  1. Eileen suggests that when using a number of letters, you add a contrasting outline.
  2. In Perfect Embroidery Pro
  3. Choose the shape tool
  4. make a shape (Eileen does a rectangle)
  5. Next import a letter from true type text; Eileens uggests using a chunky font
  6. Make a copy of the box and the letter: Ctrl+C, ctrl+V
  7. Select the first pair: both the square and the M and combine them
  8. Right click and choose "convert to complex fill"
  9. This begins at normal density, so Eileen suggests changing the density to make it much lighter -- 6mm
  10. Travel stitches underneath the light density won't show on your napped fabric when you use a matching color; ignore it
  11. On the second copy of box and letter, convert them outlines to a run stitch -- Eileen uses stitch length 2.4
  12. Leave your outline as a separate color so that your machine will stop before running the outline -- that gives you the option of changing the color or even deciding not to stitch it.
  13. Eileen doesn't use a topper when she stitches embossed designs

Interested? Perfect Embroidery Pro can be ordered from within your Embroidery Tool Shed software (ETS is a free download).

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