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Mylar Embroidery

Mylar is another way to add a sparkle to your embroidery, without using metallic thread.
Patricia and Eileen take you through the steps for doing mylar embroidery, including hooping the embroidery designs and even demonstrate hooping in preparation for the mylar embroidery on a tee shirt. Q&A with Patricia and Eileen covers ideas on what types of designs are suitable for use with mylar.

With mylar designs, it is important to follow the instructions for when to place the mylar. Designs like this one from Purely Gates come with full instructions.

It is important to use a design created for mylar; otherwise you won't see the shine.

Can you use mylar with redwork or freestanding lace? Patricia doesn't recommend it. Mylar needs a certain amount of thread to protect it and make it work well. Redwork and freestanding lace tend to leave too much mylar exposed. It crinkles, and may be vulnerable to tearing and ripping.

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