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Preparing for an Online Class

Preparing for a Virtual Class
With so many events and classes moving online in the last year, we have some great tips for getting the most out of each of them for yourself!

Margaret Moorehead is the founder of the Virtual Sewing Guild.  She shares with us what she has learned over the years about preparing for a virtual, online class.


Four Steps Margaret encourages us to take:

  1. Schedule it. Whether you can be there live or are going to watch the replay, schedule it. Make it a plan.
    -- Make it as important to be there as it would be if you were in person.
    -- Give yourself time to "arrive".
  2. Prepare as if you're going to be there in person.
    -- Gather notebooks and pencils, highlighters, etc.
    -- Gather supplies for the project, if there's a project.
    -- Gather snacks and beverages; plan for your own comfort.
  3. Engage
    --  Ask questions.
    -- Make Comments.
    -- Join any groups offered as part of the class.
  4. Create
    -- Do at least one assignment from the class.
    -- Create a part, if not the entire project.
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