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On-Machine Software vs On-Computer Software

Selima Jaffer tackles a Hoffman Dream Panel with her Babylock Solaris IQ Designer Wizard. Eileen Roche designs her Dream Panel with My Quilt Embellisher. We get to look at both of the processes and get tips from both designers.

Selima uses the on-board scanner in her machine to copy the fabric on her machine screen, then uses the region fill options and her paintbrush tool to fill one petal at a time. She then uses the magnifier to fine-tune her design. The eraser lets her fix any mistakes. Selima also attached a wired mouse to her machine, using the second USB slot, but it is possible to use your finger on the touch screen instead. When it comes time to stitch, Selima uses the projector on the machine to project the design image on her fabric so that she can place her design with precision.

Eileen begins with a photograph of her dream panel, and included a measuring tape in her photo. She uses the measuring tape to teach the software the size of her panel. She uses the Run tool, holding the control key to set the shape, then she closes the shape. Then, selecting the design, she uses the utility tool to create an outline, and then adds the contour option and selects her desired stitch length and density. She uses the notes area to label her design, then prints that template on Print & Stitch Target paper. When it comes time to stitch, she uses the target paper to precisely position her design. Using her trace features, she confirms the placement. Eileen uses her Hoop Guard to keep the roll of fabric out of the stitching area.

Eileen and Selima both recommend varying the styles and sizes of patterns and designs across the Dream panel.

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