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Flipping the Scroll Frame over to get to the back of your work.


Since the above video was released, Lap Stands and Leg Kits now include LOCK SPACERS which change slightly how the frame is assembled. These spacers make the stand more versatle by providing the the ability to adjust rotation resistance on the frame.  This video will demonstrate how the LOCK SPACER and provided additional assembly instructions.


Our E-Z Stitch Tomorrow's Treasures Lap Stand is a versatile, adjustable lap stand works for a variety of projects-- whether your passion is cross-stitch, needlepoint, crewel, embroidery, or quilting. It also provides an attractive furniture quality frame while your project is in progress.  The twin pillar legs construction provides a stable platform for all your projects. The whole scroll frame can rotate a full 360° for quick, easy access to the back of your project.

With the E-Z Stitch Lap Stand the Scroll Frame is attached to the Legs by a a screw which goes through the Side Bar the Spacer then the Leg. Then a knob is attached and tightened to secure it in to place.

Now that knob needs to be loosened before you flip it over to get to the back of your work. If you do not loosen it before flipping it over you can run the risk of stripping the insert out of the knob or even stripping the screw. Simply loosen the knob flip over the scroll frame, start or stop your thread and flip it back.

Now once you have flipped it back I recommend using a screwdriver to tighten the screw and knob back down and secure the frame into place. I like tight tension and want my scroll frame in a secured position and by using a screwdriver I can achieve that.

Now when we designed the EZ Stitch Floor Stand I knew I didn't want to have to use a screwdriver when securing the Scroll Frame to the Floor Stand. The only part of the Floor Stand that you will need a screwdriver for is when attaching the feet and ankles to the legs. Everything else is attached together with a double knobs.

My favorite double knobs are the ones that secure the Scroll Frame to the Floor Stand. There is a bolt that goes through the arm and sidebar then a knob on each side. I feel like with these double knobs I get a tighter more secure hold.

To rotate the Scroll Frame simply loosen both of those knobs before you flip it over to get to the back of your work. Then start or stop your thread flip the frame back and secure into place by tightening each knobs back down. Again just like the Lap Stand you will want to make sure you loosen the knobs before flipping it over other wise you could strip out the insert in the knob or strip the bolt. So make sure you loosen the knobs before flipping the scroll frame over.

We made the Floor Stand not only adjustable in width but also where you can position the Scroll Frame itself. I wanted to be able to choose at what height and depth the Scroll Frame came toward me. As you can see on the Legs, Arms and Elbows, there are so many adjustable positions. You can determine the location that each are placed at that you find comfortable.

Depending where you position the arms & elbows there is a position where the top knob on the scroll frame will hit the knob where my elbow is attached to the arm of the Floor Stand. By not only adjusting where the elbow is attached to the arm but where it is attached to the leg helps to change the scroll frame position so that these knobs don't hit together.


A new feature we added this year was the 2nd placement option of the top Cross Bars. We found that for some the top Cross Bar was right in the way of the TV. So by lowering this to the middle of the leg you get the same stability and can see your TV uninterrupted. This also give you more placement options for your arms and elbows. In the picture above you can see that the elbow is secured to the top of the leg and the arm is lower. Then by moving where they are attached to each other makes it so the knobs not hit when I flip my Scroll Frame over.

For more features of either of our EZ Stitch Lap Stand or Floor Stand check out my EZ Stitch Blog in my Needlework Blog on Embroidery.com.

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Happy Stitching – Donnett

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