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EZ Stitch Floor Stand Product Demo

Please welcome the EZ Stitch Floor Stand the newest Stand in the EZ Stitch line of Needlework Products.

When we were designing the EZ Stitch Floor Stand, I had some simple requests.

First, stability... I stitch two handed and I wanted a floor stand that I could put the weight of my arm on while stitching and it would not lose tension. Well, that is achieved with the support of the Elbow that is attached to the Arm. That Scroll Frame is not going to move at all and can hold more pressure than just my arm.

Second, Large Projects … I wanted it to hold those crazy fabulous, fun (some might say insane) large projects. This EZ Stitch Floor Stand does just that-- it is adjustable and uses Scroll Rods that are 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 48”. Now all your large, again maybe insane, projects now have the perfect stand to go on.



Third was light weight and easy to assemble... With how large this stand is, you would think it would be heavy but it is so light and moves easily on hardwood or carpet. Putting together the EZ Stitch Floor Stand could not be easier. All you need is a Phillips Head screw driver. Everything else is assembled using screws and knobs which are included.


Fourth, adjustable... I wanted the Scroll Frame position to be adjustable as well. Just like our EZ Stitch Lap Stand, the Scroll Frame can rotate a full 360° for quick, easy access to the back of your project. I also wanted to be able to choose at what height and depth the Scroll Frame came toward me. As you can see on the Legs, Arms and Elbows, there are so many adjustable positions. You can determine the location that each are placed at that you find comfortable.

I recently had neck problems and the doctor told me not to look down. Mmmm, I'm a stitcher how do I stitch without looking down? The EZ Stitch Floor Stand to the rescue! With all of these adjustable options, I can place the Scroll Frame at such a position that it is right in front of me and I'm looking straight ahead, no more looking down. With a pillow under my arms for support, I am now completely comfortable stitching and looking forward.

Not only are the Arms and Elbows adjustable but Foot placement is also adjustable. No matter where you like to sit while stitching, whether it's a couch, chair or recliner, there is a foot placement for you. When looking at the Foot, you see there are 3 placement options.

Postion 1 (located about 5 inches from the end of the foot). Attach the Foot to Leg in Hole 1 and the block end of the Ankle in Hole 2. You would use this position if you stitch in a recliner or a couch where there is not a lot of space underneath.


Position 2 (located in the middle of the Foot). This would be a standard placement. Attach the Leg to this Second Hole. The Ankle then could attach to either Hole 1 or Hole 3.  

Position 3 (last hole on Foot). Attach Foot to Leg in Hole 3 with the block end of the Ankle attached in Hole 2. This is the position you would put the foot if you have lots of space under the couch.

Note: Both Feet do not have to be in the same position, they could be in two different positions and your frame would still be stable.


Fifth is storability... Some stitchers don't have a lot of space and need to put their stitching away when company comes over. With the EZ Stitch Floor Stand, all you have to do is detach the Elbows from the Arms and the Scroll Frame lays down against the legs. Then remove the Feet and Ankles and the EZ Stitch Floor Stand could slide under a bed or lean up against a wall. Then with a couple twists of screws you are back to full stitch mode once again.

Sixth, additional features... After months of observing me stitching, the designer added some amazing additional features I didn’t even know I wanted. On the Arms, you will notice that there is a grove running down the length of each Arm. This is where you could store several floss bobbins of the current colors you are working with. In addition, at the block end of the Arm are two holes, the perfect place where you could store scissors, tweezers, needles or a highlighter.

Access to the back of the Scroll Frame

The Scroll Frame is secured to the arms of the Floor Stand with two knobs. To rotate the Scroll Frame simply loosen both of those knobs before you flip it over to get to the back of your work.   Then once you flip it back secure each to tighten it back down and secure the frame into place.   If the knobs are not loosened before flipping the scroll frame over you could risk strip the insert in the knobs or even stripping the screw.  I have found that with this double knob system I can get a tighter tension and secure my whole Scroll Frame tighter into the postions I want it in.  

Finally, Beauty... As with all of the other EZ Stitch Products, I wanted a beautiful piece of furniture. Our EZ Stitch Floor Stand is fashioned from solid American Red Oak and hand finished with Golden Oak oil stain just like our EZ Stitch Lap Stand.

So now you have a stable, large project, easy to assemble, adjustable, storable and beautiful Floor Stand that fits all of your stitching needs!

Now the only question is: what project are you going to put on first???

** NEW Feature as of 2020... the Cross Bars now have holes every 2 inches so it works with E-Z Stitch Scroll Rods in 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”.

We have also added a new placement on the Legs for the Cross Bars. They can be placed either at the top or they can now be placed lower. This offers the same stability but not the Cross Bars are now no longer in the way of the TV.  

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As always, I love to hear your comments & suggestions so please feel free to send them to me at [email protected].

Enjoy & Happy Stitching - Donnett

Click here to see Donnett's “How to assemble the EZ Stitch Floor Stand Video.

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