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Today's Design Showcase Featuring Lady Mirabilia by Mirabilia

Today's Design Showcase features Lady Mirabilia by Mirabilia.

Lady Mirabilia was released in June of 2018 to celebrate Mirabilia's 25th anniversary.  She is a silver beaded celebration. She is laced with leaves and has Art Deco inspired details.

A unique butterfly charm has been created especially for her and is exclusive to this pattern.

She celebrates 25 years of ephemeral fairies, sparkling mermaids and visions of strong feminine beauty.  Nora Corbett, designer of Mirabilia, says "I am honored to have been a part of the creative process for your treasured works. Forever dreaming in stitches, floss and beads."

Lady Mirabilia has an embellishment pack and is also available in a kit.

Add Lady Mirabilia to your Mirabilia collection today!

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