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I joined about a year ago. I just wanted you to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed shopping with you. It is always simple, easy and straight forward. I like the way you have the designs I own kept on record. The way you have everything set up beats every other embroidery online purchasing company as far as price, ease and quality. Thanks again!!


I wanted to tell you how much I like the format you have developed for your website where we can go back and see all of the things that we've purchased in the past and redownload, or print new color sheets (I'm ALWAYS losing mine). This is the most efficient and easy to use online embroidery plan I've seen. I really love it. I haven't purchased a LOT of things, but I have chosen carefully, and I find that even though I have downloaded freebies from various places and purchased many collections as well, it seems that I use YOUR designs over and over. Keep up the great work. I love shopping at your site.


I just wanted to tell you that I think you idea of sending a check to have a prepaid account is a great idea. We have decided not to use credit cards (which seems to go through the fingers like water :) But since I am no longer able to work or drive, I do most of my buying online, especially embroidery and quilting supplies. Either that or my husband has to take me places, which he is good about but having someone stand around while I shop always makes me uncomfortable :) I hope more online businesses begin this practice. Thanks for offering a solution for those of us who want to keep a handle on our money.


I want to take the time to thank you for the pleasant experience I had as a first time customer of your web site. Before today I had never gone on-line and purchased designs, downloaded them and sewed them......and today I have done all three and I am so pleased. Your setup is easy to maneuver and look for designs and it is easy to add purchases and remove them as the buyer sees fit. Thanks for user friendly site.. I'll definitely be stopping in the future.


I just wanted to say in this note that embroidery.com continually amazes me. There are always new designs being added and the convenience is incredable. I am so pleased with your site...I think everyone who embroiders should look to you guys first! When I want something specific, I always go to you first. I actually purchased a couple of patterns from another site,at the request of a customer, who was standing there waiting for the designs to arrive...much to my chagrin, it took till the next day before they were emailed to me.
        I really do appreciate the fact that you pre-approve your customers and email immediately. One of the things about my little business, is that I try to get orders out as quickly as possible & your stuff is here right away!
       As an afternote, I appreciate the availability to critique the different designers. I live in British Columbia in a small town that is 3 hrs from the nearest city...and even in the city, I couldn't find embroidery stuff. Your site has opened up a whole new aspect to my little home sewing business. ....with the Internet, we truly are only a mouse click away!


Thank you for the equestrain design. I went through my design file with EDSN and came to realize that with my ETA membership, I have tons of extra stuff from you to play with. I especially appreciate the opportunity to go back over them now and then to refresh my memory and think of new ideas. Thanks again.
       It's a relief I can retrieve them when I need them....as well as being able to print out the thumb sheets. I have started a notebook of print outs of each design and the thread colors so I have it close at hand when I'm using a particular design. I just refer to the notebook when my memory fails me. :-)


I really enjoy your site. I recently did the Canadian Flag with the moose on it. I enclosed it in a circle and put "Don't blame me / Blame Canada" and glued little wiggle eyes on the moose. It really turned out great as a gift for my teenage nephew who feels a bit like he never does any thing right, from time to time. Well really, all the time! I have a miniature horse from Canada, I'm going to put it on a blanket for him too!
       I have done dragonflies in Sulky clear iridescent thread combined with metallic, They are extremely cool too. We are such crafters in Utah! I abide by the motto. "Don't buy that, I can make it!"


I wanted to let you know I just found your site and just LOVE IT! It is great to be able to order a design from a pack and not order the whole pack, when there are usually only 2 or 3 I really want. This is the greatest idea! I just ordered 7 designs and was able to download them immediately so I can sew them out right away. You also have great companies to get designs from. Thanks again.


You may be interested to know that the reason I buy all of my designs from you is because you very kindly allow us to re-download any design already bought. It only makes sense, and I've never done it, but the fact that you have that policy is reason enough to do business with you!!!


I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your services, the quality of your designs and the low prices. I just switched to an industrial machine and it was so great to be able to re-download all the designs I had already purchased in the new format. You are the only company I know of that does this! Keep up the great work.

PS: I check your website daily for new designs!


I can't tell you how pleased I am with my purchases, the pawprint & the bulldog. I was embroidering these on cheerleading outfits I made for a squad & theses designs were perfect! This was an absolute time saver. I know I will be purchasing from you again!


I truly prefer your way of doing business. It's really great that you keep track of the designs I have purchased and I don't have to worry about loosing another disc.
       I also like your stitch density better. I can't tell you how often I use the soccer ball or the eagle with the soccer ball, when your son plays JV soccer for his high school and everyone wants that design for his birthday.


I would like to give all of you a very big, sincere THANK YOU for having such a responsive home site where I can come in and look through everything to check for that "special" something at my convenience (usually late) and be able to get it then and there. You have been a pleasure to do business with and I pass the good word along to others that I know are in the same situation.
       I really apologize that I haven't written this sooner. I know that you are also busy but manage to get out what needs to go. I know since I receive your notes regarding the ">free designs. ;-) I appreciate that aspect very much also.
Thank you again.


So far all of the designs I have embroidered out have been super! I put the ">great buff on a towel with my son's friend's name (he does some weightlifting) as a graduation present. He LOVED it! Thanks.


I had a major systems crash and lost all of my designs. Trying to rebuild my stash, I went to your site and was able to redownload the designs I have purchased in the past. What a comfort to do business with you.


I very often impulse buy your patterns hoping one day I will use them. To be honest I am waiting very unpatiently for one of my kids to tell me I am going to be Grandma. While I wait I practice honing my skills on others. I have several young co workers just starting their families so I ordered some baby bibs and stitched ">I'm a little stinker design, burp me and the feed me and make it snappy. They have been major hits!! I really appreciate the way you leave my patterns there so I can go back and get when I need to. With age you start forgetting where you put things, I always know where my Embroidery.com patterns are!! I have sent your web address to several friends and raved about your set up, so keep up the good work.


I have down loaded your free designs and bought two but have not had time to sew them out until yesterday. I was supprised how well they sew out and how great the designs looked.
       You can bet we'll be buying designs from you in the future. The prices are great and the designs look really good. I have bought designs for $25.00 that don't come close to looking as good.


It is certainly a pleasure doing business with you. I have been very pleased with my purchases and look forward to each visit to the site to see what is new. Keep up the good work.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that the designs I have purchased are available for me to download again if I should happen to "OOPS" and lose one! I have had to request a second download from other companies before and it was a major hassle! It is the little things like this that make or break a company and, as far as I'm concerned, you guys are doing great!


I want to congratulate you on your wonderful web site. Unless I have a complaint, I rarely write to companies. In all fairness, it seems appropriate to express appreciation to companies like yours.
       Like most of my friends, when I want something, I want it yesterday. To be able to go to Embroidery.com at 11 p.m. (or later!!), browse through your designs and download them immediately is shopping heaven for me.
       Your constant flow of new designs, your bargain introductory prices, your very, very beautiful, very, very usable free designs are reason enough to check your page frequently. The ability to download the same design again and again has saved me hours and hours of searching for that same design or searching for the color sequence.
       I have never had a problem downloading, I have never had a question (sent to your convenient e-mail address) go unanswered for more than a few hours, I have never had to worry about whether I downloaded in .pcs for my Pfaff 7570 or in .pes for my Brother 8200 because I can get it fresh from your site, no matter what.


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the wonderful designs/designers available through your website and especially for the system you have for keeping "our" designs so we can download them again when they become "lost". I hope to get the knack of this soon. Thanks again.


Okay, I am really impressed!! I started scrolling through Embroidery.com's pages at least two years ago; since then there have been major changes and all of them positive. I love all the new vendors.
        I can't believe you've managed to keep track of my oldest purchases and that they're still downloadable - just as you promised they would be.
        Great website and great job spanning years now - must be the growth is testimony to great referrals! Keep on doing what you do best.


Dear Friends, My last contact with you was regarding an unsatisfactory embroidery file. Within hours, my account was credited -- and within another few hours I had selected a different file and spent the weekend happily embroidering shirts.
        Tonight, I ordered another 3 files from you. I have to confess, now, that I went to another site earlier. It's a very user unfriendly site, but my daughter liked the designs. I thrashed my way through the site, wrestled with registering as a customer (took two tries), and then went to buy -- they wanted $8 to ship a floppy disk! AAAACCCCKKK.
       I dumped the order page, went back to embroidery.com, and spent some time thumbing through your designs. We found what we wanted, found it for less, and were able to download immediately. Bless you and thank you!


Just a quick note to let you know that more often than not I have been able to find the designs I need through your company. The best part is being able to go into my account & see what I have purchased. Many times I do not keep a copy of the color changes and being able to go in and see "My" designs has been a big help. Thanks again.


Hi folks -- I don't know if I' ve ever told you what a great service you are to my business. If I am helped I can't imagine how many other small, out in the middle of nowhere little shops enjoy your service. Keep up the great service, prices, and selection.


I just love the designs that I have purchased and the easy way to purchase them. It is so nice and very exciting to see such a big selection. My little girls love to get beside me as I browse through what is available. It so much fun to see their little faces light up. It is like Christmas for them. They like them stitched on their clothes and things.


Just wanted to let you know that your website is wonderful. There are so many wonderful features, it's hard to know what are the best! My favorites: Your website is professional looking, easy to use, and has TONS (over 50,000) of designs to pick from! Thanks!


I use the internet for just about everything. You have an excellent site, with ease to use and fabulous selection. Your response to any inquiries, comments, suggestions, or complaints is by far one the very best on the internet. ">By phone, you're much more helpful than most. It's amazing to be able to download manyh of the patterns from my very first purchase. You are ALL terrific!!!!!


I just wanted to let you know how much I love your website. It is one of the most professional and user friendly sites that I have purchased from. I really appreciate being able to ">re-download designs that I have purchased from you. I have always been able to access my designs immediately after purchases as well. Your ">vendors have great designs to choose from, and I look forward to ordering lots more to come. Thanks again.

Darlene S.

I purchased Imbrilliance Essential last week and I still cannot get the program to download, I have Windows 7, I get to the page with all the versions to select and it acts like it is downloading but after a 30 min process it says download failed. I ended up with a trial version only. Please H

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Kirsten S.


I'm sorry this is happening. There are two file choices to download for Windows, .eye and .zip.

I have two suggestions. First, whichever you have been attempting to download, of the two options, try downloading the other one. Secondly, try using a different web browser for the download.

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Kay H.

I have the Thumbnailer but would like to be able to see a picture of my design. What do I need for that?

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Heather B.

Hi, Kay. It sounds like you are having trouble getting Thumbnailer working. We're sorry to hear that. I am emailing you directly with some suggestions for you.


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