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Monkey Bodysuit

Monkey Bodysuit

Little monkeys will love the sympathetic monkey on this bodysuit. Together, they look like they're plotting something fun, but it could be trouble...


Use a printed production sheet cut out to determine and mark the embroidery placement on the bodysuit.


Using two sheets of a medium firm tearaway stabilizer, hoop the bodysuit.


Gather the backside of the bodysuit out of the embroidery area.


Embroider the design according to the placement selected in step one.


Pressing on the embroidery with one hand, carefully tear the stabilizer away with the other.


Cut a piece of no-show fusible mesh large enough to cover the design.


Fuse the no-show fusible mesh, with the shiny side down, to the underside of the embroidery. This will soften any scratchy edges left from the backing.


Insert the baby, and the monkey business ensues.

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