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This alphabet is available in BX format, a keyboard lettering format for Embrilliance software.
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What are .bx fonts?

What are .bx fonts? They are keyboard lettering files.

How are .bx fonts better than your usual format for lettering?

Lindee Goodall explains and shows you how .bx fonts can improve your embroidery lettering experience.

Most of us are limited to merging individual letter designs to create text. Then once the letters are merged, we need to manually arrange them on the screen so that they are properly placed. This is time-consuming and tedious.

.Bx fonts allow you type in your lettering easily, pre-aligned. .Bx fonts make custom embroidery lettering easier and more professional. With .bx fonts, you can type a whole word, sentence, or paragraph, and have all the letters placed for you. And you still have the ability to make changes to the layout if you want to.