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April 4th 2018 Sit N Stitch

Peace and Candy Canes by Sue Hillis Designs (Stitched by Angel)

Zucca by Alessandra Adelaide (Stitched by Phyllis)

Marigold by Nora Corbett (Stitched by Corinne)

Beautiful Flower by Unknown Designs (Stitched by Debbie)

Gingerbread Haunted House by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Sara)

Hearts (Stitched by Amy)

Gingerbread Retreat Cottage by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Amy)

Deco Blue Sampler (Stitched by Karen)

Gingerbread Quilt by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Amanda)

Gather Your Dreams by Joan Elliott (Stitched by Janice)

Candy Cane Cottage by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Janice)

Blooming Bride by Mirabilia (Stitched by Melinda)

Gingerbread Bakery by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Melinda)


Spotlight Videos

Cross Stitch & Needlework 2018 Keepsake Calendar

The Raven Queen by Mirabilia

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