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Between Friends with Eileen Tee Shirt Embroidery

Thank you for joining us as Eileen Roche shares her best tips for left chest design selection, placement, and how to stabilize knits. This is a replay of a live event. She uses an overhead camera so we can see just how she uses the tools, and she fields questions, too!  The video below is annotated with links to the products and blog posts that Eileen mentions, as well as with video links that let you skip right to the parts that interest you most.

Eileen's tips:

Select the right design

Use a word processor to spell check your text before turning it into stitches!

Use the right stabilizer & needle

Embroiderer's Compass -- swing the arrow to your substrate, and it will tell you the stabilizer to use. For tee shirts: No-show mesh with a light ball point needle, 75/11.  

Recommended thread:
Eileen recommends polyester thread becasue tee shirts tend to get a lot of wear and tear.

Hoop properly
Hoop the shirt with the stabilizer. Eileen prefers no-show fusible mesh.  It's a cutaway, made for just this sort of application, and it is key to make sure that your stabilizer is hooped along with the shirt.

Watch as Eileen demonstrates hooping a prepared shirt using the Perfect Alignment Laser, Hoop Mat, and her Snap Hoop Monster:

Scoop!  Eileen is going to be introducing a new hooping product perfect for smaller sizes and onesies, right around Christmas time. We can't wait!  

Here's the link to Eileen's blog about Hooping Onesies

Place it correctly

Center placement: Use a template, audition it on the shirt.

Left placement:  Are you out in left field trying to do this placement? Not with the Embroiderer's Helper. Watch Eileen demonstrate that, including how she sets up for a multi-run job.

Place the curve right under the ribbing. 

Fold the shirt, match the shoulder seam. 

Place the target sticker right in the notch.
Eileen has tips on her blog for hooping Small and Plus sizes, so here's the link to that.

What about polo shirts?
Watch as Eileen demonstrates using the Embroiderer's Helper for marking placement on a polo shirt:




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