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Magna Hoops (discontinued)

We are saying goodbye to Magna-Hoop which as been used successfully used by many embroiderers over the years. Although this is still a very usefully product, it is often returned to us because there are a few misconceptions about it.

First, the Magna-Hoop is not actually a hoop. It is a set of templates that fit inside your existing hoop. Magnets are used to hold the fabric in place. These templates allow you to embroider a variety of items that would be otherwise be very difficult to hoop. Here is a video. One reason that the Magna-Hoop is becoming obsolete is that it was designed to fit inside specific standard hoops of the most popular embroidery machines of the time. As the years pass, more people have upgraded machines and less people own these standard hoops so they cannot take advantage of the Magna-Hoop.

Second, many people confuse the Magna-Hoop with the Snap-Hoop. Unlike the Magna-Hoop, the Snap-Hoop is an actual hoop which fits and is recognized by most embroidery machines. The hoop is comprised of strong magnets that hold the fabric in place, making hooping much easier and flexible.

If you have a compatible hoop, now is your last chance to purchase a Magna-Hoop before they are gone forever. The Magna-Hoops are being sold at clearance prices. Before ordering, please make sure that you have the hoop style designated in the product description. Also, the Magna-Hoop that you receive may have been previously returned because of the aforementioned reasons. All parts will be included and your satisfaction is still guaranteed.