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PAL 2 -  Perfect Alignment Laser
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PAL 2 - Perfect Alignment Laser

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Perfect Alignment Laser 2

Centering and alignment is easy with PAL2

"What an illuminating experience to finally have a lamp that shines a crosshair on my embroidery project! Design placement is effortless whether I'm creating continuous embroidery, stitching a quilt block or finding the center on a placket."

The Perfect Alignment Laser, or PAL2easily attaches to your work surface. PAL2 makes it so easy to hoop square. Just raise or lower the laser to align the outer hoop's horizontal and vertical center markings with the illuminated crosshair. After sliding the fabric under the beam and inserting the inner hoop into the outer hoop, you know the fabric is square in the hoop! Plus, PAL2 works with any hoop!

Watch demo video!

Use PAL2 to:

  • Quickly locate the center of quilt blocks, pockets, plackets, bags and more
  • Connect continuous embroidery designs
  • Verify design placement on large items such as jacket backs, banners, pants and more

Assist in letter positioning PAL2 features:

  • Adjustable lamp head
  • Lock-in permanent position
  • Swivel tip allows for proper aiming of the laser crosshair
  • Bright, crisp Non-Gaussian lines show uniform brightness across entire length of beam
  • Reflective 6" wide and 3" tall shade protects laser beam
  • Adjustable clamp fits table surfaces up to 2 ¼" thick
  • 28" arm with flexible elbow joint
  • Adjustable height
  • Weighted base post firmly slips into the adjustable clamp

"I finally took the PLUNGE and tackled continuous machine embroidery (using PAL) and LOVE IT! It is the easiest technique... I can't believe I had never tried it before! I love, love, love it!" - Kay

"I've been intrigued with the PAL2 and how it would improve my embroidery skills…and now it can square up my blocks? Ingenious!" - Betsy

"I love that the PAL2 has multiple uses. As I embroidery and quilt I am always looking for various products that will aid me in my projects." - Genelle


INPUT : 100V-240V 50/60HZ

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