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Placement Marking

Placement Marking

Being able to mark placement for embroidery designs before sewing is a technique that comes in handy. This technique sheet illustrates one method of marking embroidery placement on your fabric for designs before you embroider.


Start with a printout of the design at actual size. Poke a pin through the center mark (shown on the printout with crosshairs).


Mark the center of an embroidery placement dot sticker. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for as many designs as you will be placing on your project today.


Using the pin you have just poked through the printout center, poke a hole in the center point of the first marked embroidery placement dot. Then lift the sticker up and slide it farther onto the pin shaft. Now both your printout and sticker are on the same pin. Repeat this step for each design printout you have prepared.


On a firm, yielding surface such as a carpet, arrange your designs within the hoop. Poke needles through the hooped fabric. Keep the crosshairs on the printouts upright as you do so. Press around each needle, adhering the placement dots to the fabric. Now you can remove the pins and printouts, so that the placement dots alone remain.


Use the placement dots to set the starting point of each design before you begin embroidering. Once the start point is aligned, it may be desirable to remove the dots before they are sewn through.


Once the embroidery is finished, a simple napkin monogram accent has been created by carefully placing three embroidery designs. This makes a great gift.

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