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Garden Snow Lady



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Well, it's time for the annual snowman design pack, and look who's here! Meet the Garden Snow Lady, fresh from the 6x10 hoop, ready to tend to her winter garden friends and charm her way into snowman-loving, fed-up-with-Christmas-motif fans' hearts. (Her finished height: 16 1/4", excluding accessories.) This totally-in-the-hoop project consists of 7 design files, featuring project pieces with front and back fabrics, dense fleece inner batting, firm fusible interfacing, and lots of decorative stitching. The Snow Lady pieces are joined to each other in the hoop; the bird house is hung from the digitized eyelets, and the birds and sign are hand tacked into the desired positions. Add optional embellishments and she’s ready to melt your heart--oh, no, did I say "melt"??!! For more inspiration, visit our PJ Dsigns Finish Gallery.
Includes Downloadable Items


(5.88" x 8.96")

Arms and Pockets

(5.88" x 9.79")


(3.75" x 5.20")


(4.37" x 10.20")


(4.35" x 7.69")

Skirt 1

(4.96" x 7.24")

Skirt 2

(5.28" x 7.28")

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sharon k.

I purchased this design back in Nov 2013. My problem is how can I get a copy of the PDF file

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Kirsten S.

When you have ordered a design or group of designs with PDF instructions at Embroidery.com, you can download and print the instructions.

Go to your name at the top right corner of the site, hover over it, and you will see a list of options. Click on "My Designs"

This will show you small pictures of your ordered designs and the instruction files included, if any. PDF instruction files are indicated by a purple icon with text "Project Instructions (PDF)" Click on this purple icon. This opens a pane to the right, which shows you the download link for your PDF.

Click on the instructions.pdf link in the "Downloadable Files" section. It will immediately be downloaded. You will probably be able to find it in the lower right corner of your screen:

From here, you can click to open the file or you can right-click to show the file in the folder.

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