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Winter Hemingworth Seasons 32 Spool Set


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Winter, from the Hemingworth Seasons Collection, includes 32 spools of 1000 m Hemingworth embroidery thread in an attractive storage box. Frosty blues, cool grays, and evergreens provide the colors you need to sew an enchanting winter wonderland. Delicate snowflakes and welcoming wreaths will adorn your winter projects with thread colors such as Holly Leaf, Cranberry, and Snowflake. And of course, this box includes the festive colors of the holidays with Christmas Red, Christmas Green, Metallic Light Gold, Metallic Silver and more!

As a bonus, you will receive the Winter Scene Door Socks design pack from Starbird Designs FREE!  With winter scenes from ice skates to pine trees, this pack has a delightful project (including pdf instructions) to start using the Winter Set. Winter comes in a plastic-coated, white cardboard box with a magnetic closure clip. Spools sit in individual cardboard compartments for easy access. The inside cover has a color picture of each thread spool, indicating which space to store the spool. The box is both attractive and convenient for permanent storage.

Each Hemingworth thread spool comes with the spool, cap and stopper system and contains 1000 meters of 40 wt, polyselect, high-sheen embroidery thread. This amazing thread is 100% colorfast, soft and supple, with superb stitching results. Hemingworth thread is known for its durability and strength as well as its brilliant luster. It is suitable for home and commercial embroidery machines, sewing machines and quilting machines. Hemingworth thread is ideal for digitized embroidery designs and built-in decorative machine stitches.

* The thread colors in Winter are not duplicated in the SpringSummer, or Autumn 32 Spool Sets. Only a few of the most popular colors are duplicated across the Hemingworth Essentials and the Hemingworth Seasons Collections. Collect all 7 boxes and receive over 215 different spool colors!

Includes Downloadable Items

Bear Paws Accent

(2.01" x 2.29")

Bear Scene Small

(5.28" x 2.74")

Bear Scene Large

(11.34" x 2.67")

Fish Accent

(1.58" x 1.62")

Igloo Accent

(3.13" x 1.76")

Moose Scene Large

(11.20" x 2.50")

Moose Scene Small

(4.97" x 2.61")

Penguin Scene Small

(4.98" x 2.62")

Penguin Scene Large

(11.35" x 2.76")

Pine Cone Accent

(2.48" x 2.59")

Pine Trees Accent

(2.84" x 2.39")

Snowflakes 1 Accent

(2.00" x 2.49")

Snowflakes 2 Accent

(1.76" x 2.59")

Snowmen Scene Small

(5.01" x 2.62")

Snowmen Scene Large

(13.58" x 3.27")

Snowman Top Hat Accent

(1.64" x 2.56")

Shelley R.

are the projects shown with this thread set included?

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Heather B.

Yes, the Winter Thread Set includes the 17 designs you see pictured, Shelley, plus instructions for assembling Winter Scene Door Socks.



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Dorothy O.

I know it is hard to do, but I have a Janome embroidery sewing machine. I need to match the color numbers to the Janome color numbers. Is there a chart for this? I have your little notebook with all the colors, bur need to the colors matched to my Janome color numbers

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Heather B.

Hi, Dorothy. We are working on more color conversion functionality down the road, but at this time the only way to do such thread converions would be to take a Janome chart and a Hemingworth chart and compare by hand.

We do currently have conversion charts available for several other thread brands, as well as RGB and Pantone charts, if any of those are useful:



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