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E-Z Stitch Tension Knobs, Set of 4
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E-Z Stitch Tension Knobs, Set of 4

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E-Z Stitch Tension Knobs have smooth, rounded corners offering superior grip over all other knobs. The triangle shape of the knob - and the heavy duty rubber washer that sits between the knob and side bar - gives you more "torque" to tighten the frame. Thus, adjusting your scroll frame is easy, comfortable, and gives you more tension than ever before. 

The E-Z Stitch Tension Knobs & rubber washers have a smoothly threaded size 10-24 machine screw insert that rotates effortlessly over the bolts on the scroll rods. These knobs are designed to work with the American Dream Products E-Z Stitch scroll frames & rods, however, they should work with most other scroll frame brands as well. The knobs measure 1" (32mm) across. This package contains 4 knobs and 4 rubber washers.


Karen G.

Are there any metal knobs similar to these available? I remember seeing them in one of Donnett’s older ‘how to’ videos

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