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By Sherry C. on July 29, 2022

By Julia S. on May 21, 2022

The stand is doing well. The only problem I have is the the screws are to short for the spacers so ever ten old minutes I’m always tightening the frame. It’s now time to start my next project and I’ve been procrastinating on starting it due to that annoyance. But other then that it’s a quality frame stand.

By Janet L. on June 22, 2021

By Deborah T. on January 15, 2021

A handy addition to my daily stitching with my new scroll frame set.

By Tanith B. on February 12, 2020

I have used this almost daily since I got it. It is 100% worth the money, It hold the frame snugly unless I loosen it to gain access to the back. The different heights it allows is also useful when going from couch to desk.