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Retrofit Scroll Rods to No Basting System

Instructions for Converting Scroll Rods with Webbing to E-Z Stitch® No Basting System
Step 1.
Remove webbing using pliers. Firmly grip one end of webbing with your pliers and roll the pliers and webbing along the top side of the scroll rod to roll the staples out of the scroll rod.
Step 2.
With scissors, cut the No Baste System for Rods (5/8" knit loop) to the length of the scroll rod.
Step 3.
Make sure scroll rods are clean and dry. Lay your scroll rod on the table so the marks from the staples are facing up to cover the marks with the No Baste System for Rods (5/8" knit loop).
Step 4.
Peel 1-1/2" of the release liner (be careful not to touch the adhesive) and start at one end of the scroll rod. Attach so that the No Baste System for Rods (5/8" knit loop) will run parallel on the scroll rod. Pull off the release liner as you work across to the other end of the scroll rod pushing down on the tape to adhere to the scroll rod. Please note, it is critical that the knit loop be put on perfectly straight. The No Baste System for Rods (5/8" knit loop) will remain on the scroll rod indefinitely.
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