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E-Z Stitch Stitcher's  Delight Deluxe Frame Set, Webbing version
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E-Z Stitch Stitcher's Delight Deluxe Frame Set, Webbing version

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The Stitcher's Delight Deluxe Set, Webbing version, allows you the versatility and convenience to customize your stitch frame to your project. With seven sizes of webbing scroll rod pairs and two sizes of side bars, this kit has the versatility of forming 14 different scroll frame sizes.


  • E-Z Stitch Scroll Rods with Webbing 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”

  • E-Z Stitch Side Bars 6” and 8”

  • Four E-Z Stitch Knobs

.How the Webbing Scroll Rods work:

Each rod has webbing fabric attached to it. Hand stitch or machine sew your embroidery project fabric to the webbing on the scroll rods. Assemble your scroll frame and rotate the rods to pull the fabric taut for stitching.

Click here to see my video on How to attach your project fabric to the E-Z Stitch Webbing Scroll Rods

Manufactured by American Dream Products.


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