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EZ Stitch... Why I scroll my fabric forward.

We had a Facebook Question from Lori...Why do you work with the fabric that way on the scroll and not the other way? I have seen it like that before...just wondering if there is a reason...  Thanks

Great Question... So I place the EZ Stitch - Tape for Fabric on the front of my fabric. I do this so when I scroll it up the front is now protected. After all the front is what we are all going to be looking at and we want to be as clean and fuz free as we can get it.

So by scrolling my fabric this way if anything gets dirty or has some wear on it, it will be the backside. I also use the Scroll Rod covers to help eliminate any dirt or wear that might happen. But by scrolling it up this way I ensure that the front is kept clean and protected.

Thanks so much for the questions Lori, I hope this little video answered it.


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