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Babylock® Sofia 2

Babylock® Sofia 2 sewing machine.
Machine Info. from Babylock®
Sewing Area: 100mm (3.94") x 100mm (3.94")
Needle Type: Flat Shank Domestic
Bobbin Type: Style A or Type 15
Introduced: 2012
Read Formats: PES 
Please message us if you have additional info on this machine.

Sandy B.

I’m looking to buy one of these machines, do you have one for sale

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Jeanne E.

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for reaching out to embroidery.com! We have the machine information here on the website, but we don't actually sell the machines. Our company sells the embroidery products, such as hoops, floss, patterns and etc. I would recommend checking with Babylock, to purchase this machine. Here is a link to their website: https://babylock.com/support Have a great day!

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