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Compatible with Bernina 570 QE

What are Snap Hoops?

Snap-Hoops, also known as magnetic-assisted hoops or magnet hoops, are a type of embroidery hoop that use magnets to secure the fabric in place. They are designed to make it faster and easier to change out fabric while working on an embroidery project. The embroidered fabric is sandwiched between the magnetic top and bottom frame rather than pinched between an inner and outer frame. This feature provides significant advantages in versatility and ease, but has a minor disadvantage of less grip if the fabric is allowed to drag in a way that causes horizontal resistance. For this reason, it is important to support large or heavy material that flows outside of the sewing area. The weightless quilter is an effective tool for holding these large pieces above the sewing area and reducing drag during stitching.

The Snap Hoop provides many advantages over traditional hoops:

  • The Snap Hoop does not fold or crease the material being stitched. This makes it possible to stitch on stiff materials such as cardstock, vinyl, etc.
  • The Snap Hoop makes it easier to precisely reposition the material on the machine, making continuous and edge-to-edge embroidery possible.
  • Hooping with the Snap Hoop is easier on the hands and wrists.