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Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond Royale

Husqvarna Viking® Designer Diamond Royale sewing machine.
Machine Info. from Husqvarna Viking®
Sewing Area: 350mm (13.78") x 360mm (14.17")
Needle Type: Flat Shank Domestic
Bobbin Type:
Read Formats:
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Behind Beauty Lies Brilliance.

The Royal treatment in every stitch.

The DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine delivers brilliant results. It's completely intuitive and includes innovations only found on this machine. What's not to love?

* Compared to the DESIGNER DIAMOND deLuxe™ machine. Actual time depends on hoop and embroidery type.

Ethel D.

I really enjoy stitching my designs and i found some while browsing your site tonight. My problem is organizing my designs.....am not a computer person and don't know how to navigate. Appreciate thoughts on how to get files in order.

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Kirsten S.

Hi Ethel,

I have two suggestions:

First, I suggest getting Embrilliance Thumbnailer. It makes whatever organization you ultimately decide on SO much easier to do, because it makes your computer display images of your designs instead of generic images which make all your designs look the same. You could just get Thumbnailer and stop there, using the graphic view it generates to find any designs you are needing in the moment. You could also use Thumbnailer to help you organize your designs into folders by theme.

The other software I have used effectively to organize designs is called Buzz-Catalog. The newer version is calledBuzz Xplore: https://www.embroidery.com/product.ec?productsetID=...

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Kim H.

How do I unzip files that I have purchased

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Heather B.

Thanks for the question, Kim. To unzip the files, left click to select the zip file and then look for the word "extract" (you may need to right click). Click on the extract option and follow the prompts to unzip your files.

[email protected]

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