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All about the Embroidery Tool Kit

Eileen demonstrates the embroidery tool kit.  From flexible centering rulers and hoop shields and target stickers to her first patented tool: the angle finder.
This Embroidery Tool Kit is really made for embroiderers:
The tools are transluscent so you can see the fabric/designs underneath them. They're flexible so you can move them around and inside a hoop.

Embroidery Tool Kit contains:

  • Three centering rulers: 5" 7" 12" (grommetted for storage)
  • Target rulers These are crosshairs, really, with a hole in the center for your target sticker. Two sizes: 6x6" and 12"x8"
  • 4 adhesive centering rulers, perfect for putting on your hoops, or mats, or anywhere you would like.
  • Angle Finder: perfect or doing multiple designs in a single hooping, or correcting for hooping slightly askew.
  • Hoop Shields - for use with spray adhesives
  • Picture and text instructions for using all of the tools
  • Five sheets of target stickers

How to Use the Centering Ruler
You want each side of the item you're centering to hit at equal points on the ruler.
You can use it to verify that you're square in the hoop, if you need to be square in the hoop.

How to Use the Angle Finder
  1. Use the centering ruler to place your crosshair.
  2. Then place the 0 on the angle finder toward the top of the hoop.
  3. Make sure the edge of the angle finder is parallel with the top of the hoop.
  4. Spin the dial to find your angle.
  5. Remove the angle finder and centering ruler
  6. Adjust the angle on the machine controls to match what the angle finder told you
  7. center the needle over the target sticker
  8. remove the sticker, and stitch!

Hoop Shields:

Shield your hoops from spray adhesives. For 5x7" and 6x10", and 4x4"

These shield the hoop from adhesive, and leave your sewing area exposed so that you can spray that area only.

Dana B.

we're do you buy the target ruler

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Dana B.

we're do you buy the target ruler

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Jeanne E.

Hi Dana,

Thanks for checking. All of the parts to the Embroidery Tool Kit come from DIME. We sell it all as a kit, with everything coming in the kit together. If you were interested in purchasing the target ruler separately then I'd recommend contacting DIME directly. Their number is 888-739-0555. Have a great day!

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