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How can I print my designs?

Let’s learn to print your designs.

Printing designs is useful for: organizing your designs, planning color changes, layout, and placement.

To access the print settings within Embrilliance, go to the “Edit” menu, and select “Preferences”
This opens a new window, and here you can choose “Printing” from the list on the left.

In order to print your design, you need to have the “print stitches” option selected. There are a number of other options. Let’s go through them one by one.

The top box is labeled “print with a realistic rendering”, and this means the printed image will look like a simulation of a finished stitch out. It will not show any jumps or areas where the machine may travel during stitching. I’ll show you what I mean.

Having chosen a realistic print, I’ll open a print preview window.

Now let’s look at printing without a realistic rendering.

In the preview, you can see what appear perhaps to be extra stitches, but what they actually are is a dotted line showing where the machine travels while stitching within a color stop. My machine will not trim before moving here, so it’s valuable to me to know where to expect these travels; I can plan whether to stop the machine and trim them, or let the machine go on and then trim them all later. Here, where the travel line goes through this swirl, I might want to stop and trim the travel before the swirl stitches; otherwise I would have five trims to make rather than just two.

Next, let’s print crosshairs. What crosshairs do is show you the center of the design; with most embroidery machines, if you line this crosshair target up with the center of your hoop’s embroidery area, this is where your design will stitch.

Notice the “page 1” note at the bottom of the sheet? If you don’t want to print that, you can choose “print design only - no text” and tick that box.

There are printing preferences which are especially useful for applique. This design is Dump Truck Applique from Sea Blossom Designs. In order to print a template for cutting applique, I need to select the color stop I want to print, and choose “print selected”. This will print only the outline color stop. If I have a simulated fabric or a picture of fabric to print, I can choose the “print applique” option. If I would like that to have an outline around it, I can select the material stitch from my applique, choose “print applique outline”, and a black outline will be added.

The Mirror option does as it says, prints a mirror image of the design; this can be helpful for using heat transfers, or other applications when you’re going to put your printed copy face-down.

The last box is “print color sequence”. Maybe you were wondering if you can print a list of color stops? This is it. On a separate sheet from the actual size embroidery design, a list of colors and small pictures of elements to be stitched in each, is printed.

So far, I have only used the print preview. Now, I’ll actually send the print project to my printer by choosing file - print. Here is the print box for my printer. Yours will likely look similar, but not the same. I have options to print specific pages and multiple copies.

To be sure that you are getting an actual size printout, you need to ensure that your printer’s automatic sizing options are disabled. For my printer, I can access this option from the properties button, then choose the page setup tab. “Normal size” and “fit to page” are both likely to change the size of my printout. Since I want a true 100%, actual size, I’ll select that option, and continue with printing.

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