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Snap Hoops for Multi-Needle Machines

How to use multi-needle Monster and Snap Hoops:

Snap Hoop Monster has two points of attachment, so it can slide into the arms of the multi-needle machine. 
You can attach the magnetic frame to the bottom of the metal frame in order to better manage tubular items.
If you are stitching flat items, you can also absolutely attach the magnetic frame on the top of the metal frame.
Quick Snap 2.0
With Quick Snap 2.0,  there are not two points of attachment; it attaches differently.   
Quick Snap does not attach to the machine arms, instead it replaces the arms.
Quick Snap comes with an extender which you slide under the needle plate after loosening the screws; this allows you to have your stitched item supported.
To place the magnetic top, keep the magnetic shield in place while you adjust, and then slide it away when you have placement nearly perfect.
With Quick Snap, the machine thinks you have the largest  possible hoop on. This means you could hit your hoop while stitching unless you are careful in making sure the design fits the hoop you are actually using.  Do a trace before you begin.

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