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Hooping a Tee-Shirt with the Totally Tubular Hooping Station

1. Place your hoop, with its stabilizer.

2. Dress the board with your shirt.  You can choose to fuse stabilizer to your shirt, as Eileen does in the video.

3. Add the top frame.

4. Pull the back of the shirt around the top of the frame.

5. If using the magnetic hoop, use the included shield to transport the hooped shirt to the machine.

Cathlyn L.

how do I get the hooping station

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Heather B.

Hi, Cathlyn. You can buy it right here at Embroidery.com. There is a link at the left of this page under the "Products" heading, or here's a direct link, as well:


If you have further questions, please let us know; otherwise, have a great day!

[email protected]

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