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GlitterFlex Ultra

GlitterFlex Ultra


GlitterFlex Ultra makes your appliqued designs spectacular! 

GlitterFlex Ultra is a glittery material that can be used in place of applique fabric to create stunning, ultra-sparkly creations. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from. GlitterFlex Ultra contains real glitter flakes encased in a high quality heat sealing adhesive. It is fusible and can be cutaway easily with applique scissors. GlitterFlex Ultra adheres to cotton, uncoated polyester, fabric blends, wool and linen. 


Application Instructions:

Use a design that has been digitized for applique. 

  1. Sew a tight running stitch as a placement outline on the garment.

  2. Cut a piece of GlitterFlex Ultra applique material slightly larger than your design.

  3. Peel back the clear plastic sheet off from the glitter page and discard.

  4. Lightly spray the back side with a temporary adhesive and place on garment.

  5. Embroider the design using a simple running stitch to tack it into place.

  6. Remove from machine, but not from hoop. Cut away the excess material with applique scissors.

  7. Press from the backside with your iron at a setting of 330 to 350° F. Cover with a teflon sheet and press with firm, even pressure for 15-20 seconds.This will fuse the material into place. Do not use steam. 

  8. Place the hoop back into the embroidery machine and finish stitching your design. You will love the results - an appliqued design that sparkles in the sun! 

GlitterFlex Ultra garments can be washed inside out, cool water, gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat.