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Tajima Tajima

Sewing Area: 508mm (20.00") x 355mm (13.98")
Needle Type:
Bobbin Type: Style M
Read Formats: DST 
Please message us if you have additional info on this machine.

Earlier models may require paper tape or cassette format.

Jared S.

I am having trouble finding a USB drive that will read on this machine. Is there a trick that someone knows to get them to work? The old ones I have from way back work fine but they are old and one has broken on me...and the new ones I get for it wont read on the machine. Anyone figured this out and maybe I just haven't thought about it?

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Heather B.

Hi, Jared. Thanks for the question. Perhaps others can chime in with more suggestions, but my thought is that your older USB sticks probably had a fairly small memory in comparison to the 1 GB or more in size USB sticks that are available these days. Try putting in one of your old USB sticks into your computer and go into the properties to see how large it is. When you purchase a new USB stick, you'll want to get one that same size. Also, be sure to format the USB stick on your computer once you have purchased it.

I hope this helps.


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