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Visual Accessibility Project

Help us to make our archive of tips, projects, products, and articles more accessible to the visually impaired. Screen reading software can help those who are blind navigate the Internet. However, there are many images that provide meaning which cannot be conveyed to the user unless these images are described. 

Any time you come across an image that has the Icon of eye with slash. Icon (eye with slash), we invite you and the embroidery community to lend your assistance by describing the image for our friends with special needs.

Here is an example:


Example image that needs descriptive text.


1. Click on the Icon of eye with slash.Icon (eye with slash).

2. You will be given some guidelines for describing the image and provided a link to log-in (if you are not already).

We appreciate your help. Embroidery Central has hundreds of tips, techniques, and projects we hope to keep publically available. Many images need a description to help persons who are visually impaired access this content using screen reading software.

Tips for writing good descriptions.

  1. Be specific and succint.Breifly describe what the image is but not its meaning. Use the context around the image to choose what features to describe. Example: "Ruler placed horizontally across center of embroidery hoop."
  2. Never start with "Image of" or "Picture of" The screen reader conveys this already. If we add this, the software may read "Picture of image of needle and thread."
  3. Include text that's part of the imageIf there is text within the image, include that text in the description.
  4. Some images don't need to be described.If the images is already described by surrounding text, unnecessary for meaning, or only decorative then mark it as unnecessary.

    You must be registered with Embroidery.com and logged in to write descriptions. Click Here to Login.


3. You will be shown the image and provided a place to describe the image.

Example dialog for adding image descriptions.

That's it!  You have now made someone's browsing experience more meaningful.


Here is the change that was made behind the scenes:

html that shows where image description is placed in the ALT tag.

The description is added in the form of an html ALT tag.  The contents of this tag will be read to the person needing visual assistance.

Thank you for your help!

If you or anyone you know has special needs that can better served by Embroidery Central, please see our Accessibility Statement or contact us for assistance.








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