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Join Deborah Jones and Lisa Knight for Edge to Edge Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine Virtual Exclusive event! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn one of today’s most sought-after embroidery skills.


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Kirsten Swanson will be the host of this event and looks forward to joining you on December 7!

Edge to Edge Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine highlights the unique collaboration of DIME and Amelie Scott Designs. Amelie Scott Designs’ Expansion Packs perfectly complement DIME’s quilting and embroidery tools. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to finish your quilts with Amelie Scott Designs’ gorgeous quilting designs and you can expect professional results when you use DIME’s products and techniques to get the job done.

Woman Participating in Edge to Edge Edge To Edge Quilt Sample

Topics Covered:

  • Eileen Roche’s Quilt with an Embroidery Machine Methods
  • Amelie Scott’s Edge to Edge Quilting Designs
  • How to design quilting layouts from crib to king size
  • How to handle a bulky quilt on an embroidery machine
  • Precisely place quilting designs in the hoop

Two Quilters at Work Weightless Quilter Setup

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Venue:   Virtual Edge to Edge Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine Event - Embroidery.com


Edge to Edge Quilting with Your Embroidery Machine – 90 minute Virtual event
December 7 at 2:00 pm CST
Educator Presenting: Lisa Knight
Co-Host: Deborah Jones
Participating Store Host: Kirsten Swanson
Contact Information: [email protected]

Edge to Edge Quilting with your Embroidery Machine with Deborah Jones and Lisa Knight

December 7; 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PST

tina n.


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Kirsten S.

Hola tina El evento está en línea y en vivo, y en inglés. No necesitará Zoom ni ningún otro 
software especial para ver este evento. El evento se entregará como un video en vivo en una página web.

Solo necesitará acceso a un navegador web para poder mirar. Los espectadores pueden hacer preguntas en 
un cuadro de chat de texto y los presentadores responderán en el cuadro de chat o en el video. 

El diseñode bordado gratuito viene en muchos formatos de máquina y recibirá todos los formatos disponibles. 
Espero que esto ayude a responder su pregunta.

Hello Tina,

The event is online and live, and in English. You will not need Zoom or any other special software to view this event. The event will be delivered as a live video on a web page. You will only need access to a web browser in order to watch.

Viewers are allowed to ask questions in a text chat box, and the presenters will answer either in the chat box or in the video.

The free embroidery design comes in many machine formats, and you will receive all of the available formats.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

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Heather B.

Hi, Tina. I don't understand the question. Could you please clarify?

Hola, Tina. No entiendo la pregunta. ¿Podrías aclararlo por favor?

[email protected]

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Kirsten S.

Edge to Edge is back for December! Click this link to register, and I'll tell you how to join: https://inspiredbydime.com/events/embroidery-com-e...
The date is December 7
The time is:

3:00 PM Eastern time
2:00 PM Central time
1:00 PM Mountain time
12:00 noon Pacific time

Like before, there's a free edge-to-edge quilting design for everyone who attends!

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Melanie M.

Hi I have registered three times and still didn’t receive an email for the class

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Kirsten S.

Melanie, I remember that you weren't able to attend our last Edge To Edge event, so I want to let you know we have another one scheduled, for December 7! https://inspiredbydime.com/events/embroidery-com-e...

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Kirsten S.

I saw your comment on our event, this morning. I see that your registration was recorded, and between Dime's emails for registration, and mine, I am not sure how you could have gotten missed.

The class access has now expired. I'm so sorry we weren't able to bring it to you.

The class is being hosted by Aurora Sewing Center on Tuesday the 27th though. Here's a link to where you can register for that, if you would like to try again:


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Charlene J.

I would like to register for this event. Please help me do this as the register link will not open for me

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Kirsten S.

Thanks for mentioning it. I think it is now fixed, and you should have a confirmation receipt in your email.

See you there!

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